Two men resent, in complicated defines.

Neighbor knows why? Who’s worth with whom;

They muddle up the score of the two’s refines.

Impetuous man pays with lame, hum.

To write for my own follows on race;

I ever come across between the men.

This wise, simple man, to choice will no brace

All knows with the other man with acumen.

Man of the world and Of a man of means I suppose

Although I eyed in the air of the mind and set,

The other seeks in greed, features of wealth, fame that goes.

Not even up the score of Good things, Good man taunt’s sad.

Naturally! Things became a saw, the truth that pay;

And Goodman he faces with fortune deeds and a care-day.

Wealthy man foe with the wise man he defame as prey;

And Aged soul, he pales with outrages, nature care, odds-day

Chorus the two men indifferent witnesses;

The story teller passes through generations,

Dilate truth between the two men, man witnesses

Through the battles, remembers into generation.



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