Song of the Only One


I sing the song of the Only One,

   the Father’s sole begotten Son. 
      A song of Grace and Love.
As God’s Law had been set 
   God sent His Son for every wretch 
      that we’d be borne above.
He loved me and you 
   with blood so pure and true. 
His best the Father gives, 
   once dead yet now He lives.
We knew not love until He came. 
   Now we know by the only Name.
      Jesus is the Christ.
He is the Word the Father sent, 
   expression of His good intent.
       The Way, the Truth and Life. 
Because He lives now can we. 
   Be borne again that you may see
      the Lord who rose from death.
Make Him all your very life, 
   let His hope in you arise. 
      His life will be your breath.

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