War Of Words

It was a direct hit

Like a critical blow

Straight to my heart

I could almost feel

The burning sting

Of a full hand slap

The air left my lungs

My heartbeat stopped

You never touched me

But the pain ensued

The second you spoke

The moment you said

You cheated…


 You’d Think I Would Learn

To educate is to teach, to learn something,

But how does one educate themselves?

I need to learn not to expect so much.

I need to accept others don’t care like I do.

I need to stop expecting a “how are you”

Because it just isn’t happening.

I need to stop hoping for a call “just because”

It is not something they will do.

I need to cram for this test called life

For it is not the lessons I thought I would learn


I’m not an insomniac, and yet I can’t sleep.

Or maybe I’m dreaming of being awake. And in this

dream, all I do is think. Off switch. Try as I might, the thought

processing persists. I can’t stop over analyzing. Nonsensically being

with topics ranging from her to my lack of authenticity. Making

connections with all that was until I’m utterly exhausted

and wake. I’m not an insomniac, and yet these

dreams won’t let me sleep. Please.

A Shaggy-Dog Story: Black And White

Learn Fun Facts

black cow and white cow.jpg

One day, a reporter went to a farm to conduct an interview with a farmer.

Reporter: Do you have some time for a quick interview?

Farmer: Yes.

Reporter: I wanna ask how you take care of your cows. For my first question: Where do you clean them?

Farmer: The white one or the black one?

Reporter: The white one.

Farmer: On the river.

Reporter: How about the black one?

Farmer: On the river too.

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