Have you ever heard of Black Cat tales from your friends, parents, Grandparents, relatives, strangers, or from anyone around you?

I have come across such a tale from my elders.
Remembering from my childhood, My granny from the countryside, tells such a story about the so called Black Cat Crossing.
I was young then, believing in all the said from my elders. I respect her intuition, and the accustomed then they preserved. She said Black Cat brings and indicate Bad Luck and must avoid the journey or stop work when we happened to see a Black cat crossing.



But I still cannot prove anything yet, does it really bring bad luck or is it just a tale. Do we need to believe in such predictions?

NOW, I have a lot question on my mind.
Does color really matter?
Are the animals just the receptive symbols of human minds and souls?
It keeps questioning me whenever I see Cute Black Cat, I pity them sometime, but I could easily overcome with fear.
Those childhood stories never keep me out easily.

Black-and-white and grey-and-white kittens


Don’t say sad bedtime story to your children.
Don’t sing sad lullaby to your children.

Sing , Say that can bring children good night sleep and bring them bright tomorrow. Let your children share your beautiful story and songs to their friends and teachers.
Life is beautiful when you still can find beautiful in every of your sight.

I love Cat no matter what color is.


White kitten on grey background

Greater Bird Of Paradisaea

The greater bird-of-paradise is the largest member in the genus Paradisaea, with males measuring up to 43 cm (17 in) (excluding the long twin tail wires). The female is smaller, at only 35 cm (14 in). The plumage of this species is also sexually dimorphic.

IMG00023099greater_bird_of_paradise_by_pop2nd-d3l5ruyThe male has an iridescent green face and a yellow glossed with silver iridescence crown, head and nape. The rest of the body plumage is maroon-brown. The flank plumes, used in displays, are yellow at the base, turning white and streaked with maroon. The female has unbarred maroon brown plumage. In both sexes the iris is yellow and the bills blue.


The greater bird-of-paradise is distributed to lowland and hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Aru Islands, Indonesia. The diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds and small insects.



First of all, let’s start with some questions:

City, beach or countryside?
Hot or cold weather?
Adventure or relaxation?
Shopping, culture or adrenaline?
Family, friends or boyfriend/girlfriend? Or maybe solo?
Independent travel or have everything organised for you?
Budget or splash the cash? Or somewhere in the middle?
Off the beaten track or a tried and tested destination?
We’ve starting thinking about what kind of holiday you’re after, so it’s easier to pin-point the kind of destination you’d like.



Traveling to a different continent is like traveling to a different world. There are new cultures to be experienced and unfamiliar places to explore. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the norms in a different country in order to have a smooth and enjoyable vacation. With 725 million people, 50 countries, and 20 official languages, there is much to learn about Europe (Europe). In order to have a perfect European vacation, it is essential to recognize the best time to travel, different methods of transportation, currency conversions, and the best places to visit.

1. Time
Knowing the right time to travel is an important aspect of a perfect vacation. Based on weather, there is some part of Europe that can be traveled at any time because of the multiple climates that span the 50 countries (Dixon). The most popular time to travel is during July and August because those are the vacation months in the United States, but Europe also experiences generally good weather throughout those months (Dixon).

A downside to traveling during the most popular season is that prices are much more expensive, so that is also an important factor to consider when planning the perfect European vacation (Dixon). If the cost of traveling during the summer is an issue, the best solution would be to travel either during spring or fall because prices are much cheaper, yet the weather is still comfortable (Dixon). Another consideration in deciding the best time to travel would be types of events that take place. In many European countries there are frequent festivals and carnivals to visit and enjoy (Dixon). Knowing about weather, pricing, and events are important in deciding the best time to travel to Europe to experience a perfect vacation.

3. Where.
You’ve made the decision you want to travel more this year. You’ve realised experiences are more important than possessions and you’ve put together a plan to start saving for your next big trip.
But how are you going to decide where to actually go?
Budget and time will undoubtedly play a part in the decision making process but with so many amazing places in the world, how do you whittle it down?
If you’re anything like me, you’ll just want to go EVERYWHERE and explore as much of the world as possible! But unless you’re taking a few years out to travel, this really isn’t an option. While some people want to go everywhere, other people don’t have one place on their wish list and they’re not sure how to discover new places to go.
Whichever situation you’re in, here are my top tips to help you choose your travel destinations.

10 tips when choosing your destination


#1. Be open-minded

Haven’t heard a place? Can’t even pronounce a place? Have no idea where a place is? But you’ve found suspiciously cheap flights to said place…? Google the hell out of it, check it’s safe and book that flight! Sometimes you’ll have the best adventures in places you can’t pronounce. Ljubljana, I’m talking to you.

#2. Be creative

You want to travel to a certain destination but flights are really expensive? Don’t let this put you off, find an alternative. Using the example of Ljubljana again, it’s really expensive to fly direct but flights to Venice are cheap and then there’s a 2 hour shuttle bus from Venice into Ljubljana. Problem solved.

#3. Consider the underdog

Every country has a ‘second city’ and it’s often a much cheaper and a more unique alternative to the capital city.

#4. Be decisive

You’ve found a place you want to go. Book it now. Go on, book it. Don’t think about it for 3 weeks and then think a bit more and then realise you’ve missed the opportunity.

#5. Ask yourself ‘why’?

Why do you want to travel? Do you want to relax, have fun with your mates, reconnect with a loved one, switch off from work, learn something new, get a tan or have an adventure? It’s easier to decide where you’re going when you know why you’re going there.

#6. Remember, remember…

You’ll only regret the things you didn’t do.

I always think about this when I need a kick up the arse to be a little more adventurous.

#7. Safe choices aren’t bad choices

Yes, I like to be adventurous in my travel choices but a good old weekend in Paris or an all-inclusive beach holiday should never been sneered at. So what if a million people have done it before you. If you have a good time, that’s all that matters.

#8. Go Solo

You’ve found somewhere you REALLY want to go but no one wants to go with you? Don’t let this stop you, go solo!

#9. Don’t dismiss your own backyard

Who said travelling has to include long flights? Search a little closer to home, you’d be surprised by the hidden gems you might find.

#10. There’s always a budget option

Don’t let your budget stop you from travelling somewhere. Even the most expensive countries have budget options like hostels where you can cook your own food, free city tours and public transport. You’re going to need to be creative but that often makes it more fun.


Accommodation vs Destination?

Rather than searching for destinations, search by accommodation option. Maybe you want to stay in an amazing spa, the most luxurious hotel in the world, a themed hotel or something really quirky?

Accommodation is often more important than the destination if you plan to have a relaxing break. If you’re going to a spa for example, it doesn’t matter where you are because you’ll spend most of your time wrapped in a fluffy robe while you’re pampered from head to toe.

Consider staying closer to home to save yourself time and money. You’ll still feel like you’ve had a holiday without spending days of travelling to get there.



 Two men resent, in complicated defines.

Neighbor knows why? Who’s worth with whom;

They muddle up the score of the two’s refines.

Impetuous man pays with lame, hum.

To write for my own follows on race;

I ever come across between the men.

This wise, simple man, to choice will no brace

All knows with the other man with acumen.

Man of the world and Of a man of means I suppose

Although I eyed in the air of the mind and set,

The other seeks in greed, features of wealth, fame that goes.

Not even up the score of Good things, Good man taunt’s sad.

Naturally! Things became a saw, the truth that pay;

And Goodman he faces with fortune deeds and a care-day.

Wealthy man foe with the wise man he defame as prey;

And Aged soul, he pales with outrages, nature care, odds-day

Chorus the two men indifferent witnesses;

The story teller passes through generations,

Dilate truth between the two men, man witnesses

Through the battles, remembers into generation.


22 yrs News personality. Editor, Student at Broadcast Journalism IAAN