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Beautiful are the mountains and hills, at the sunset. The animal dance and quench, throw their sleeps.

  1. Colourful Peacock at the Dawn. He enlighten the forest, and lead the sunset.



2. Mother Monkey carrying her baby with love and protection.

Mother love is Unimaginable and incomparable. Love is everywhere.



3. peaceful and comfort assisted living.



4. When he held his head, His Beauty tells everything about colors and enchanting forest.

And message to the world.




5. Brother deers enjoying after the long day. When they play they speak, when they speak they smile. Their smiles are the new day, new love. Their journey never end.



Photography by Yaothing.



Greater Bird Of Paradisaea

The greater bird-of-paradise is the largest member in the genus Paradisaea, with males measuring up to 43 cm (17 in) (excluding the long twin tail wires). The female is smaller, at only 35 cm (14 in). The plumage of this species is also sexually dimorphic.

IMG00023099greater_bird_of_paradise_by_pop2nd-d3l5ruyThe male has an iridescent green face and a yellow glossed with silver iridescence crown, head and nape. The rest of the body plumage is maroon-brown. The flank plumes, used in displays, are yellow at the base, turning white and streaked with maroon. The female has unbarred maroon brown plumage. In both sexes the iris is yellow and the bills blue.


The greater bird-of-paradise is distributed to lowland and hill forests of southwest New Guinea and Aru Islands, Indonesia. The diet consists mainly of fruits, seeds and small insects.