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Never Ending

I have dreamt of becoming an artist, Doctor, Pilot. I couldn’t straighten myself then. Living my life to the fullest. My desire to have something unique  and special always endorsed me. Till I understand the definition by the journey of Never Ending. IMG_0459

For I’m today now, and then I was, has not much difference in structure nor in struggles. The only scriptures is Inspiration. Learning and leaning from impreface. I didn’t realised there I was full of enchanting, and admiration but life is not always about that. There may be as many as voices and acknowledgement from others and yet theirs. But my perspective, It is Life that comes from your eyes, feels by you, and hears receptive within from my own. Your sense organs are the only answer for life. It’s the providence and provision of never ending story and solution.

Sometime I gave up, sometime i stopped the journey, sometime I took short distances. And it doesn’t make me poor or regret me. It rather give me hope to take new one, life is not a choice but living life is. Never took courage out of pride. Never discourage out of pie. Some people voice and deed are inspiring yet their are not much originals and capacities when we do the same.

Now, I try outdoors sightseeing, traveling, observing and photographing and writings. It is so clear that I enjoy doing, that comes out from my mind, give response from the things i see and hears. I question myself. What!! Little thing is not little when things are avilable in my mind? Even deaf, dumb, while they still feel can.

I see many people struggling the same life, following the same path of others, struggling to get job, struggling to get exam passed. I see, things like this are bullsh*t.


I think struggling is not really necessary for me, inspiration and dedication is quite well. Because inspiration has no ends, and dedication don’t required limits from inspiration. Sound is better when it does have a melody, while echoes are distraction when it get deterroted. I don’t object the things i love doing, Don’t mess up my mind. It’s Never Ending. A solution to next level is you.