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Beautiful are the mountains and hills, at the sunset. The animal dance and quench, throw their sleeps.

  1. Colourful Peacock at the Dawn. He enlighten the forest, and lead the sunset.



2. Mother Monkey carrying her baby with love and protection.

Mother love is Unimaginable and incomparable. Love is everywhere.



3. peaceful and comfort assisted living.



4. When he held his head, His Beauty tells everything about colors and enchanting forest.

And message to the world.




5. Brother deers enjoying after the long day. When they play they speak, when they speak they smile. Their smiles are the new day, new love. Their journey never end.



Photography by Yaothing.





Have you ever heard of Black Cat tales from your friends, parents, Grandparents, relatives, strangers, or from anyone around you?

I have come across such a tale from my elders.
Remembering from my childhood, My granny from the countryside, tells such a story about the so called Black Cat Crossing.
I was young then, believing in all the said from my elders. I respect her intuition, and the accustomed then they preserved. She said Black Cat brings and indicate Bad Luck and must avoid the journey or stop work when we happened to see a Black cat crossing.



But I still cannot prove anything yet, does it really bring bad luck or is it just a tale. Do we need to believe in such predictions?

NOW, I have a lot question on my mind.
Does color really matter?
Are the animals just the receptive symbols of human minds and souls?
It keeps questioning me whenever I see Cute Black Cat, I pity them sometime, but I could easily overcome with fear.
Those childhood stories never keep me out easily.

Black-and-white and grey-and-white kittens


Don’t say sad bedtime story to your children.
Don’t sing sad lullaby to your children.

Sing , Say that can bring children good night sleep and bring them bright tomorrow. Let your children share your beautiful story and songs to their friends and teachers.
Life is beautiful when you still can find beautiful in every of your sight.

I love Cat no matter what color is.


White kitten on grey background